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Joe Biden secures comfortable victories in Georgia and Mississippi Democratic primaries.


President Joe Biden secured the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2024 election on Tuesday following his victories in primary contests held in Georgia, Mississippi, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

With his second nomination, Biden exceeded the required 1,968 delegates, solidifying his position as the presumptive Democratic nominee. The Democratic Party holds a total of 4,672 delegates, and the nominee must garner a majority at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August to formalize the nomination.

Meanwhile, the frontrunner for the GOP, Donald Trump, is anticipated to clinch the Republican nomination shortly after the conclusion of the Hawaii Republican caucus.

In response to winning the nomination, Biden expressed a sobering acknowledgment, stating, "We are facing a critical reality." He emphasized concerns about the state of freedom and democracy in the United States, asserting that Donald Trump's campaign is characterized by resentment, revenge, and retribution, posing a significant threat to the fundamental ideals of the nation.

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